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Better situational awareness
Real time connection for teams
Critical data collection
Citizens communication channel
Apps, systems and hardware integration

Emergency Platform

Web dashboard to manage teams and connect with citizens

Access from everywhere
A cloud-based web dashboard that allows operators to have a better management of first responders teams, communicate with them on real time while they are in the field, and collect relevant data from citizens who may be able to collaborate.

API to integrate mobile apps, web systems, data and hardware

Everything in one place
The Application Program Interface (API) allows connecting CityHeroes’ tools or third party products such as mobile apps, sensors, data sources and other hardware and software devices that first responders are already using.

CityHeroes apps to reinforce your teams and connect with citizens

Ready to implement
Reinforce your teams or connect with citizens with ready to use IOS/Android applications. They are optimized for a real time communication among first responders, operation centers and other participants.

Metrics and analytics for a better situational awareness and decision making

Data that saves lives
Get metrics, analytics and relevant data before, during and after the event occurs for a better decision making. Track reports, send alerts, questions and safety checks to get a better situational awareness.

The CityHeroes Emergency Platform uses technology to connect first responders and other relevant participants involved in a emergency scenario.

Before, during and after an emergency, there is a severe loss or miscommunication of relevant data among first responders, citizens and authorities. This information is crucial to lower the response times and to execute the right actions that save lives and assets.

CityHeroes Emergency Platform is mainly used to:

Connect and collaborate for a better response

Among the benefits of the system are:

  • Allows first responders to have a better understanding of the situation, giving insights of who or what is potentially in harm.

  • Establish a real time connection with teams on the ground along with the operation center.

  • Allows to Analyze and collect critical data prior and during the event by sending surveys to specific areas or making inspections.

  • Allows to open a direct channel of communication with citizens and neighbours when needed.
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Integrate, improve and scale your current solutions

The platform allows connecting third party products, solutions or services that first responders are already using. The API provides you a complete list of resources that you or your providers may use to integrate with Emergency Platform.
Some of the things you may integrate are:

  • Mobile apps and web systems

  • Personal and vehicle GPS trackers

  • Smoke detectors

  • Biometric devices

  • HAZMAT sensors

  • Cameras and alarms

  • Crime and health data sources

  • Other Internet of Things ready devices

Technology and collaboration to save lives

We believe that communication, information and collaboration are they keystones to build more resilient and safer cities. Only by taking a new vision and linking experts, authorities and citizens we can prevent and act efficiently on emergency or disasters scenarios.
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Some of the services using Emergency Platform:

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